The blood red sun, orange haze, and white raining ash have been locked in my brain since I was a kid. Each and every summer, it seems that an added 5th season of “smoke” has become the new normal for residence of BC. I have friends who are forest firefighters. A close friend’s Dad was a water bomber pilot who lost friends in a firefighting plane crash.

I can still remember the glow of the Okanagan Mountain Park fire, looking out over my grandparents balcony in Kelowna. Even as near as last year, I was one of the last cars through the Coquihalla highway. Flames burning on either side of the road in the last hours you could drive through before it shut down from the July Mountain fire.

These fires, and those affected by them, are close to home and near to my heart, and I owe it to my home and those who protect it to make this the best film it can be.