To sum it up in one word, our cast is authentic. I want to cast a visibly diverse set of real people, with real chemistry. Some of these scenarios I even have some people in mind for. Sets of friends, couples, roommates, cousins, you name it. I like working with a “street casting” mindset to find unique faces, raw talent, and real relationships. I want to build these moments up to the point where it’s so authentic that it doesn’t feel like acting.

We need connection, between the cast as performers and myself as a director. I want to get vulnerable in the casting process right away, so we hit the ground running early on the feelings we are showcasing.

To do that I want to walk those auditioning through the situations as early as possible. I need to hear about how they personally connect with them. What I will be looking for is that they authentically feel the significance of the scenarios we are proposing.

It forms a level of trust, and it allows actors to feel relaxed and get excited about actually doing what we’re suggesting. The ones that know the feeling we are going for will stand out immediately as our perfect picks. That’s how we will arrive at the feeling we want on the day of shooting.