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Let's start in the immediate and then look down the line. The first major tasks that need to be completed is putting myself on a larger Canadian commercial production company as soon as possible, and then working towards making my short film. 

A larger production company will ideally get me more commercial work, but because I am playing with the big dogs and pitching against people with more experience than me, it might take time. The clout, however, from a bigger company helps establish precedent for when I venture into narrative with more intention. It shows I have enough experience to land myself at an established company, and that when I get on a set that I known what I am doing.

Then comes the short film. I need to prove myself as a story teller. Creating a short that plays in festivals is what does this. There has been amazing reception to my script so far, but with a resounding “can’t wait until it gets made so we can talk further.” Getting a piece of narrative work completed and out into the world is the necessity for talking to managers, producers, executive producers. It is, however, difficult to fund because shorts are often viewed as “investment projects” that merely act to showcase directors abilities or prove a concept they might be attacking with a feature. This, however, is how I show my true talent for narrative filmmaking, and is the most logical entry point into the market.

While these are being worked on, I want to be drafting my first feature, and withing two years have a script that is ready to show people when the short is doing its festival run. This is a common way of building momentum for work. Often times your short plays at a festival, people like it, and the first question they ask is “what are you going to do next?” -- Having a draft ready for one or two features is the perfect answer to this.

I see this as the first “phase” of goals to be completed.

After that, down the line, its first feature time. The pivotal moment of every filmmaker's career. To put everything I have worked for on the line, to make something the likes of which has never seen before. With a strong short film in place, I could put together production support, but it’s the financing of first features that is the hardest part. It’s risky, it’s bold, but it paves the path of greatness. This is the second phase in my career where I will need support, but I will have done enough to prove that I am capable of walking that path. 

After a launch of a successful first feature, you are in the upper echelon of filmmakers. The sky becomes the limit once proven as a gifted storyteller.

That is where I plan on going...