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What you said Bryan is totally right. Where people fall short in this industry (and many others) – is distractions. Money, commercials, keeping momentum etc. I need to eliminate these and focus entirely on getting things in place for making my first feature. The problem is generally these distractions are what keep people financially afloat during this time. Commercials, equipment rentals, licensing footage, freelancing. All of these things take time away from the major task of getting your first feature made, which is to sit down and write it. And good work takes time, often over a year on your first feature, to make it phenomenal.

So that’s where the crux of my needs come from. I need a living wage and space to work for the sole purpose of buying me time. No distractions. I need to focus on getting this draft done in the next 2 years, and lining it up with the completion of my short. 

Which brings me to my second part. I need money to make this short film. That was the reason I moved home after COVID. After digging deep to get back to why I got into this. To make movies, not be distracted by commercials. I moved back so I could save as much money as possible to put back into the short. But worrying about money, having the funds to produce it, and not having the space to work hinders the process of getting things done. 

So that’s how I see it. The two “buckets” of funding being money to make the short and money to buy me time through a living wage. All with the singular goal of getting me to a place where I am in a position to get greenlit on my first feature.