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Success on all fronts. Artistically, monetarily, it all walks hand in hand. Good movies change people's lives, and good movies make money. When we get to the features, that’s where I intend to really get the money flowing. Individual financing features puts investors in the driver's seat of reaping the maximum financial rewards from the movie business. It’s where I see our business partnership taking flight. Support in the form of aiding me in getting to the point where I can make those narrative projects, repaid in turn off the success of those very films. It’s hard to predict the potential profits in the world of entertainment, but successful features returning their initial investment ten times over is not unheard of.

But there has to be something more than that. When we talked about how seeing the success of young people as investors is what gives you fire and purpose, I too have skin in my own game. To me, as much as I love the “artmaking” part of film, I take a unique approach to the mindset of the filmmaking business. It’s this approachthat should get a potential partner like yourself excited, and it’s in me seeking an elusive balance... 

I want to explore and achieve a middle ground in film that maximizes artistic integrity, while staying as commercially viable as possible.

It sounds simple, but this is an extreme rarity in film. It’s something I am out to prove with every one of my projects. To give back accessibly and democratically in the same way film gave to me before I had a formal education in the form. I will explain why it’s so important to me in person, but that’s my ultimate goal. I am going to make films that are so exquisitely unique and at the highest artistic level of craft while remaining conscious of the commercial viability and entertainment value of the project at all times. Rare for a director, and something I will be proud to achieve. It’s this statement as a filmmaker that makes me the most attractive “artist” you could ever work with.