I believe the sound of this film should, by in large, be minimal... but with 3 key elements. The VO, the score, and some semi diagetic soundscape that matches what we are seeing on screen.

For the VO, I want to make sure we align on the characteristics of the voice. I think the “Be Olympic” spot I linked is a good reference point for how I hear the voice in my head. Resonant, strong, and diverse. Additionally, we should take a look at some small rewrites for lines where, with some abstraction in the language, might be better match what we capture on the day. 

For the diagetic elements, I think we need to have some form of soundscape where the effects are matching what we see on screen. It’s hard to have “realistic” sync sound in ultra slow-motion. That is why letting a sound designer run wild and create some abstract sounds that match our action would be great— similar to Coors!

Lastly, for score. Let’s have a chat about this together, but one idea I had that could be really interesting is a more minimal and toned down score. Something that lets the VO really shine through— a score that helps us create an emotional connection to subject matter we are trying to elevate in a less obvious way.

Sample 1 being my favourite. Maybe these are too slow, but let me know what you think…