I think another thank-you is in order for being open minded when it comes to visuals. I want to start the conversation with some ideas on how we can use them to put us directly in these moments even more.

I LOVE the black and white, it perfectly sets the stage to experience authentic and real moments. Your vérité sentiment is right on the money as well, let’s ooze truthfulness. There are totally ways we can achieve that with some confident and distinct aesthetic choices.

It’s going to be cool if the camera almost feels like it could be someone filming as part of the scene. I love when there is almost a “tease” of the 4th wall, it draws the viewer in so they feel included in the moment, but not in a way that’s in your face.

In terms of practical choices, it might mean things like relying more on a 28mm to match the “iPhone” focal length. Perhaps a front light mounted to the camera in darker scenes to act like a light coming from a phone. Maybe framing primarily for a 4:3 aspect ratio to not only to protect our mobile delivery composition, but to also evoke a nostalgic full screen feeling. Shooting with a higher frame rate so we have an option to extend our impactful moments in slow motion... All these are little but tasteful ways to elevate our look.

Beyond this, I think there is even more to discuss when it comes to the possibility of mixed media, texture in the type treatment, and how we can bring it all together in post. Let’s chat about this in our follow up!

This spot feeling visually contemporary is extremely important to me. Being tasteful when we make choices around visuals informs the viewer that we care about what we are making and the moments we are capturing. It gives the viewer permission to really trust the way our moments are making them feel.