When it comes to picking who to shoot this, I am lucky enough to call some of the best rising DPs in the world my close friends. We often share a connection through my narrative practice, which creates a shorthand and consistency in workflow so we can focus on what will make anything we work on meaningful and unique. I want this project to be no different. There is a wide array of cinematographer I work with that will share this mindset. Just as an example, cinematographers like Farhad Ghaderi who shot my Ontario Trades spot or Cole Graham who worked with me on commissioned art pieces early on in my career. They are eager to collaborate with me on projects like this because they trust my taste.

I also understand you are working with Genevieve Latour as the editor. I think she is great, we worked together on the Coors Banquet series I did. She has a knack for really highlighting the human moments in stories. The fact that we have a pre-established working relationship can only make this spirit of collaboration stronger.