What exactly is the Us Sinners Writing Club? It’s a commitment. A promise to yourself to uphold the virtue of persistance in your screenwriting. But
more so, to honor the reason you started to work within the craft of film in the first place. To join Us Sinners, you commit to an “in-person” pennance of writing every week, along with the sharing of ones progress, resources, and critique within the agrigation of fellow writers. Push yourself  to live our motto “non excidet,” uphold the truth we share with Francis de Sales, that you “will not fail.” We believe in the piety of our members, the communion of fellow filmakers, the forgivness of commercial work, ressurection of purpose, and art everlasting. 

︎︎︎ You MUST be in attendance for at least one of  our two meetings per week. We meet once on the weekend for a prefered extended session from morning to afternoon, and a shorter more casual session in the evening during the week. Subsiquent absences from the group meetings will lead to expulsion with re-entry only granted by presenting a full draft. We are serious about making good work, we want members who are serious about showing up and putting in the time to write said works. 

︎︎︎ You MUST be actively working on a writing project. The project you choose can infrequently switch or change, but you are not permitted to attend meetings or give / recieve critique without an active project. Research counts, but it must be presented in how it relates to the narrative.

︎︎︎ You MUST present your working file formally to the group at least once a month. This will require a posting of your working draft of the project in the state that it’s in. You can direct the way you present the work and how you want your presentation day to go. An example being a pre-read with a discussion, a roundtable about a specific character, a full critique, or a table read. Presentation slots will be assigned based on availability and where you are with your project. 

We use discord as our platform for communcation and for virtual attendance for meetings. It runs fully in browser, but we recommend dowloading the app for your computer for the best experience. By clicking join, you agree to the rules of the club, and will be redirected via discord invite. There you can join up with your name, see our schedule for the month, and check out our resource channels for all things relating to screenwriting. We are happy to have you! Happy writing.