I just want to speak to this specifically for a second. I know we are cutting it with the gorgeous footage of our wraps and bowls that have already been shot, but I want to assure that they won’t be neglected in our portion of the shoot.

I want to make sure there is a focus on the product during key moments in these spots. Holding the bowl during a laugh, or tossing the wrap to the back seat towards a family member while smiling... These are the important beats that humanize our spot, but they also must be moments we see the food in all its glory. If the wraps and bowls don’t look amazing, why are they staying for lunch in the first place?

That’s why in every shot the wrap or the bowl are a part of, with the help of excellent food stylists, we will always keep them looking appetizing, natural, fresh, and delicious... because they’re the star of the show!