Footage from actual fires is how we sew the two previous sequences together. It’s where we find our texture, our glue that weaves us in and out of The Speech and The Fire Line.

We do have a bit of a barrier here. Going out and filming actual fire sites is challenging to both the time and money we have to shoot this film effectively and efficiently. But this is where I see an opportunity.

Instead of leaving this footage up to chance, I think this is where we utilize strong, visceral stock footage to create strong moments of visual glue. Specifically from Filmsupply.

I did this a lot in my Ontario Trades spot. Even though they are shots that last for a fraction of a second on screen, it’s how we held everything together and weaved between sequences effectively. I think the same applies to this film.

I say we focus on finding the best textural footage we can of forest fires, flames, burning wood, embers, perhaps drone footage of wildfires etc. and take the unpredictability of a documentary approach to capture things like this completely out of the equation and put it back into our control.

With the time that we have, I feel we can find shots that really fit the aesthetic of the story we are trying to tell.