The beating heart of this spot is showcasing moments that make our audience realize something that they may have neglected— it’s what connects us to the things we interact with on a day-to-day basis.  

We need to drive home the idea that our audience must yearn for this connection.

It’s reminding them that it’s trades people who facilitate this link. They always have, and always will. It’s showing moments of them doing what they do— while creating tension by having their faces or bodies obscured to the viewer.

This acts as a metaphor for the connection our audience is missing, and calls them to create one.

The moments will be jaw-dropping, captivating, and inspiring. This really is a “less is more” approach— it keeps our entire focus on the people behind the trades and showcases what they do. By keeping things minimal, it acts as a perfect canvas for our audience to build an emotional connection to our cause with the support of our VO and score.

Using ultra slow motion as our driving force, a combination of real-world and high-concept visuals to represent key trades, and a striking cinematic aesthetic, we will showcase Trades-Made in a way that has never been done before.