Okay, a super exciting realm to play in here. To me, the idea of breaking the stereotype can play into subverting expectations that ties to product with a really meaningful beat.

In a perfect world, I would love to cast a group of women that have a tie to a charity ride. Perhaps it’s a cause that’s close to one of them specifically, or maybe it honours a friend who has been effected by what the charity is aiming to change or support.

What I would love to find is a way to create a tie between spending time together while not riding and how it resulted in the involvement of this cause as a group. I want them to realize that making time for lunch together can lead to more of this connection, and give them permission to be the Canadians that they are... And I want to see them realize that it’s easy to do when these wraps are *so damn good.*

Within that hypothetical story there is opportunity for humour, backstory, sentiment, and depth. All while having genuine connection to the product, Tim’s as a physical location to stop as a group of bikers, all while leaving space for them to be themselves within the performance.

The Tim’s Truth in this scene is = When we take time to connect between riding, we feel more in tune with each other and what’s important to us. Lunch that’s this good makes it easy to take that break.

See how that works? Right in the feels :)