It was great all being on the same page after our first chat. I’ll reiterate my key sentiment, the bait and switch of the VO is our North Star on this project, the thing that will ground us in every decision we make. It’s the payoff of that moment that communicates our nurses higher calling.

I want to drill a little deeper though. We really need to work to earn this payoff, especially when deciding our moments, casting non-union actors, being conscious of our limited timeframe, and the repetition of our VO. We want viewers to be transfixed through visuals and the subtleties of our voice-over performance, but in doing so we expose ourselves to scrutiny.

We need a common thread in the performance that always roots us to our nurses character arch, and in turn the arch of the spot itself.

So I want to talk about something that might feel a little nerdy, but it’s a directing technique that I believe we could rely on to make this spot magical.