Let’s come full circle and go over the key ideas to my approach for this spot:

  • Full use of the high speed phantom camera to produce a series of jaw dropping frames that support our message. Our frames will be a mix of wide shots that highlight key trades, and more macro elements that cover a broader array. This will be split between a “blank canvas” hero location and a small selection of “in-situation” locations.

  • A stoic, minimal, and impactful approach to what we are hearing alongside our visuals.

  • Getting the best of the best in post-production to make sure we are crafting something that tonally feels unique. Something that pushes for an aesthetic that speaks to trades as a whole— so we can get other brands excited about the Trades-Made message.

  • A logistically nimble approach to production so we can maximize budget, widen the breadth of our casting, and get as much time on set as possible. This gives us the best chance to take the time to craft unique visuals.