Sometimes those private moments of elation are just as incredible. The split second we blare out a note in the shower, or do a jump for joy at a promotion or a landed job. It just comes out and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

This moment comes to us at the end of an exhale. The type one would let out after the most arduous of tasks. Concentrated eyes look downward. PING! The unmistakable sound of a typewriter. Our writer leans back.

They are sitting at a small desk. The walls are ordained with the intricate webbing of filled out index cards, stacks of reference books and material. On a coaster is a can of White Claw. We can’t see them but, lets be honest, there are probably a bunch more empties in the recycle bin under the desk...

They stand, hurriedly joining a giant stack of paper together with a bull clip. A pause. This is a moment of completion. The writer admires the stack of completed pages like a holy text.

They know it’s silly but they can’t help it, they bring the stack of paper to their lips and kiss it. They dance to themselves, a pure moment of glee. A laugh at how ridiculous they must look, but quickly giving way to the powerful feeling of accomplishment and pride. Let’s finish what we started.