Tandem bike riding is the epitome of that pure uncomplicated fun that we are going for. It also is a fantastic kinetic activity that will really get our camera moving and tighten the pace of this particular moment.

Our group finds themselves riding along a boardwalk, enjoying each others company, taking in the scenery. It’s 2 bikes, 2 riders on each, and you can tell they haven’t done something like this in a while. Bit of a learning curve for them, but they start to get the hang of it!

Perhaps one of the riders on the rear seat extends their hands upwards. They can feel the rush of the crisp air through their fingers. The bliss of that Friday feeling.

Suddenly, the other bike comes up beside them. They inch forward and begin to try and overtake their friends. We definitely have an impromptu race on our hands.

Quickly both pairs begin to try and outpace each other, moving faster and faster. The one that initiated the chase begins to inch ahead! Everyone is smiling. With a final push the pair is overtaken and they begin to switch places. But it’s all in good fun, maybe we even see the rear rider of the newly leading bike high five one of their friends as they go by! Let’s have fun!