Imagine having to run 5 kilometres in a little over 13 minutes. The gruelling physical nature of long-distance running is as impressive as it is difficult to comprehend. Now imagine that very hardship day in and day out, to wake every morning with the purpose of bettering your time against such a physical feat. Imagine dedicating your entire life towards the pursuit of that goal ... and now picture that suddenly stripped away. What you worked so hard for now postponed by something entirely out of your control.
You return home to your family, to the snowy north you once called home, and have to figure out what to do next. This is the story for Justyn Knight. An athlete of utmost talent, arguably the future of the sport, with the backing of a nation behind him, suffering the same fate that so many of us have experienced this year due to COVID.

Like us he struggles, “how do you perservere through something like this?” It’s a question a lot of us are grappling with these days. And while long distance running is as much about the physical feat, it’s in its mental fortitude where we find our common ground. It’s where we can put ourselves in the same place as Justyn and ask if we too can persevere.

The truth is likely none of us will ever get to experience running 5 kilometres in 13 minutes. But it’s in this shared struggle of the mind where we yearn to see Justyn bounce back even greater than before. Justyn persevering through this mental hardship in life, and in turn sport, is our shared story. This is The True Test.




People see a lot of content these days, and their time is finite. It has never been more important to create shorter pieces of work that remain impactful and culturally relevant. This is an opportunity to create something amazing that respects these parameters. I want to introduce an audience to Justyn’s story and struggle, beautifully showcase technical product in an outdoor Canadian environment, and build a rollout that covers all our bases.

Having a short but impactful piece of film and building around it stretches the value of our budget and the piece itself. Social media posts from Justyn and key creatives during and after production, predetermined rollouts of the piece on popular media channels, and including things like editorial photography all work to generate buzz, without having to balloon the production budget of the spot itself.

I want to introduce Justin’s story, but not bloat this into a redundant content piece. It’s been done before, and people are desensitized to it. I want to create something that feels different and is contemporary. Justyn isn’t a generic athlete, why make media about him that is. I want to use things like BTS, supplementary photography, and social media posts to support a piece that stands above the usual noise of these channels. When work is created like this, by attentive and skilled creative teams, that’s when people take notice.
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