Casting is make or break on this. It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to involve ourselves as early as possible in this process. This is going to be key for my approach.

Certain surface level qualities we will look for are self-explanatory. We agreed to a bunch on our call. Yes, they need to have spunk, a unique and memorable look, charisma, and a high level of comfort on camera. But beyond that what we need to dive deep for is substance. A level of depth that accents their authentic Tim’s Truth.

They need to be unequivocally themselves, and have qualities that allow us to understand the depth of their personality in a finite amount of time. What they share in the casting process needs to give us an instant feeling of connection which will be an integral aspect to helping us connect with Tim’s itself. I want to hear what makes them tick, how they genuinely embody their lifestyle and how they authentically connect with, contribute too and elevate others in which we will cast them with. Most importantly, I want to hear how Tim’s plays a role in all of that.

I will get into specifics when I break down the bikers and the family separately. But to me, the resounding trait that all the cast should share is a willingness to tell us their story. An undeniably Canadian story.