If I might so boldly make a take here:

Perhaps I sound like a broken record at this point, but I believe Outsider Editorial to house some of the best editing talent in North America.

We obviously know and love Sophia who is represented in Canada by the team there. But having worked with a couple different editors over the years, I can safely say that if she’s not available, a talent like Michael Barker, Alison Gordon, or John Gallagher are all strong picks.

I think for colour, Sam Gilling or Ana Escorse would be great taps. Both know what it takes to make something look contemporary and cinematic. A further note is that Sam can comfortably push our look into the realm of memorable, and he has worked with all 3 of my recommended cinematographers for years.

Happy to take suggestions here, but know that everyone I recommended shares in the sentiment of collaborating as a team to make these the best spots they can be!