We all know that even the smallest of activities can evolve into what feels like the competition of a lifetime between friends. But that’s half the fun no? Getting “too into it.” Giving each other a window into the competitive side, only to bring it back to fun when a game completes?

That’s what this moment is about, we enter the final points of a heated pickle ball game. What’s pickle ball? (*click that link*)... Somewhat like White Claw 4 years ago, its the fastest growing sport you’ve never heard of, a combination of tennis and ping pong on a small sized court. What was originally an activity for washed up tennis players is now gaining huge popularity with young people. It’s a bit silly, getting VERY into a game that is usually played by retirees. But with just the right amount of competitive fire...

CLACK! The ball sails over the net and lands just inside the court line. The opponents barely missing the bounce of what had been a long rally. The victors react, they throw their rackets in joy and lift each other up in celebration. Their opponents, defeated... but they’re taking it pretty well, having a laugh at the winners antics.

They come together for a handshake and a laugh together over the net. A 6 pack of White Claw is exchanged to the winner, the wager of the match. The feeling of sportsmanship. Let’s compete!