This is an opportunity to collaborate with another fantastic artist to allow the campaign to stand out that much more. In my mind, we should find a photographer whose inherent style fits what we are looking for in the adjacent material to our film piece.

Ideally, we would enable this photographer to make portraits in their own section of the shooting space. Maybe they even document our process of interviewing the veterans to tie it into the campaign even further. Regardless, I think the less we micromanage this process and the photographer involved, the better. Finding someone who really understands the soul of the film project and is able to translate that message through still photography would be amazing.

To suggest a name, Bryan Schutmaat is someone who I have chatted with and we are familiar with each other's work. He is incredibly talented, personally I am a big fan— I think gauging his interest in doing 4x5 large format film portraits of our veterans would be a jaw dropping addition to the campaign.