The Family is just as exciting! Even though we are bringing things closer to home, there is still a ton of opportunity to show the viewer something new. I want to see the family dynamic change by the act of staying for lunch together.

I like the idea of setting it up with something we are familiar with at Tim’s. A high energy, unique, and memorable family traveling for a hockey game. It’s a classic, one that suggests a host of great characters with a variety of family units.

But something I think we miss in these scenarios is the ”why” for all the effort. Why do they wake up early for these hockey games? Why does a younger sibling tag along? Why does a parent spend their days off doing this?

It’s because of the love they have for each other. They are a family, a Canadian family. I think the act of staying for lunch provides the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on that.

We start right in the middle of a hectic day filled with a tight schedule. It’s go, go, go, right off the bat. Perhaps the game was in the morning, now off to the next activity of the younger sibling. The only moment to breath in this hectic day is a small window of time for lunch. We hear from them how hectic it is. We get a joke or jest between the siblings to show their relationship. We hear how awesome the bowl is for fueling up and staying energized... Finally, a small line we could end on is how despite all the craziness, the act of taking a moment to have lunch as a family is what keeps them going.

The Tim’s Truth in this scene is = With loaded wraps this good, it makes us want to take more time for lunch as a family.

Is there anything more meaningful than seeing how Tim’s plays an important role in them taking time for each other?