It might seem like an approach that creates a barrier between our audience and our trades-people... But it's exactly in that tension where we point out that they need to be reminded of that connection, and how they may have been neglecting it.

Think about this in relation to our script:

A building. A bridge. A cell tower. A subway tunnel.

A car. A refrigerator. A chair. A TV. A phone. A shirt.

It may be obvious that there's a tradesperson behind it all.

But sometimes we need to be reminded of the most obvious things to truly appreciate their value

that is what invites us to rethink that connection.

Make no mistake, there will always be clarity in the way we frame the action. You will immediatly be able to tell what task this person is performing, or what trade that they are involved in with an association to the line in the voiceover. What we are "obscuring" is really what gives us the personal connection. The face, or the eyes, or their hand gripping the tool. Something will just be getting in the way, to remind us of the barrier we need to rethink.

Even better, I think it would be fantastic to circle back and knowledge this choice with a bit of payoff towards the end Maybe it's a short series of some of our trades people juuuust about to show their faces. Maybe it's just one key person almost turning around to look at us before we cut to a logo- either way, I think this would create a really powerful moment.

It's in this very choice that we will make this spot stand out.