My approach to these scenarios is that they’re all about the feeling. While White Claw is what unlocks the “let’s” decision, I see the pivotal beat to these 15s in the moments directly after that decision has been made. That’s the moment we want to drop into.

What has me extremely excited is creating emotional moments that feel significant. Moments that people remember.

I want to approach each of these scenarios with that in mind. I think we are getting there when we talked about that “Friday Feeling.” That’s not a definable single emotion, but we all know what that feeling is when we feel it. It’s joy, it’s freedom, it’s catharsis, it’s relaxation, it’s happiness... it really is so many things, but that positive warmth and that feeling of significance is a constant.

Whatever scenarios we decide to go with, I want to make sure each one makes that feeling of positivity well up inside us while we’re watching. I want to feel the nostalgia lingering after the moments finish. Thats how we capture scenes with meaning.