Tapping into this approach is so special because it’s something we can all relate too.

Perusing through my own memory bank, the story of the family is one that feels very close to home. My grandparents lived in the interior of BC when I was growing up, so we were constantly doing the short road trip up there once or twice a month. There was a pull off in Merritt where we would often grab a snack (Tim’s would often be the choice). But, I remember that special feeling as a kid when we would take a minute to stop as a family to have lunch together.

We would share the small table in the back of my grandparents Westfalia camper, and take a breath to be a family. It was taking a moment for lunch that facilitated that.

That kind of energy is magic to capture on screen. When we are casting, I want to see the eyes of our cast light up as they share those genuine moments. I want to capture on camera something that’s as special to them as those memories are to me.