Love this one. Funny, punchy, and an effective bait and switch.

My favourite moment of this is when the mom continues to trail off— Thinking of that delivery and the reactions we show from the kid and dad has me chuckling here writing this. Here’s how I think it could go...

We open on the family arriving at a lookout at the end of a hike. Perhaps this is the first time they’ve done a bigger trip as a family, so there’s that much more anticipation of the view.

“There She is— pretty cool huh?”

“Wow! Just like in the movies!”

Perhaps we let the actor continue to trail off, getting more lost in their own thoughts. The camera slowly pushing into her as she delivers the monologue.

“Down and down... each day, each month, deeper and deeper into the depths of the valley— sinking lower and lower— tunnelling an ever abyssal hole until one can no longer climb—“

During the tirade is where we get those humorous reaction shots. Their faces twisting with more confusion after every word.

Maybe we try letting the mom ramble, then having her be cut off by the “what’s a credit score?” towards the end. That way it gives us a punch line to cut back to the wide in time for the VO and perhaps some supers.

Can’t wait to chat about this one further.