Let's discuss the approach.

I want to ensure that we maximize our time and budget while avoiding spreading ourselves too thin. I'm pleased that we agree on focusing on specific key wide shots for a limited number of trades we want to highlight. Then, we can explore more abstract elements such as dynamic lighting, macro textures, and suggestive locations for other trades. I want to assure that we will  always incorporate a human subject in the frame while doing this.

Considering that we have a 3 or 4-day shooting schedule, I suggest allocating 2 days to a location that offers maximum flexibility for capturing a "blank canvas" industrial setting, and placing as many trades as we can inside of those setups. This could be an old factory, a halted construction site etc.

We can then spend a single day, or possibly two, in locations that are specific to certain trades where we can focus on capturing standout shots that integrate the specificity. A residential construction site would be an excellent choice, or perhaps something more techy like a server room, or a linen or sewing factory as examples.

Let's discuss how this plan resonates with you and agree on the ideal "blank canvas" location.