What’s top of mind for me is getting both of these in the same day. Not that I see that as a problem! It just presents some logistical puzzles that need to be addressed before we go off the deep end creatively.

I think it all revolves around the same thing— we will be fighting against the clock.

One solve that I think puts us at a huge advantage is shooting our Radio script at night. Not only does it provide great vibes for the look, but it takes the monkey of a time crunch off our back. We shoot the Lookout script in the afternoon with some lovely low light, company move to our next location close to us, and then set up radio without the fuss of making it before sun down. This allows us to focus more on performance than time.

Next, I think a visual approach that keeps our coverage to a minimum not only lends a sophisticated and contemporary look to the visuals, but leaves our actors room to play with their delivery, and for us to save time in setups. I will speak more to this in the look section!

Lastly, I think something we should consider is keeping our company move as short as possible. I think speaking about location plays into this solve, so I want to dive into that next.