So let’s talk about how this approach shows up in the shoot.

First things first is knowing what key beats we want to get out of our characters going into the day. This will come out naturally through our casting, but getting on the same page as a team is a must, which we can do endlessly in prep.

We then go into the day knowing that these moments are must haves that need to be shot and in the can by the time we wrap (pun intended). The more focused and honed in on what the key moments are before going into the day, the more we can spend our time really focusing on making those moments great. To me that would likely revolve around how the scenes start and end, 2-3 key beats with the characters and the product telling their story, as well as nailing the moment our characters interact with the Tims team member. 

Knowing what we are going in to capture before the day can help us be flexible when it comes to things like weather, lighting setups, reusing coverage, and creating cut moments to shape dialog.

With regards to how we shoot English and French, I say we checkerboard it. Visually, let’s find setups we can share between our cast that work for a variety of different moments. That way we can get a great beat with our French speaking cast, keep our camera and lighting setup the same, and fly in our English talent without loosing any time to do their own unique setup. If we do this for the whole day, we will start saving some serious time.

That is the focus of the day, through and through... But once we get that done with some time saved, we can start to experiment. Knowing that the key moments are shot, I want to utilize the remaining time to try some fun stuff with additional and interesting b-roll that further flesh out our characters stories.

Perhaps that’s footage of our bikers riding their bikes with that gorgeous end of day light, perhaps its some more unique angles of our family driving in the car and sharing a look with each other. Small moments that help accent the true nature of our characters and help build out the world the come from.

We can talk together about what these types of scenes might be, but this is how I want to approach shooting on the day.