I think both our hotel and sandwich shop should be spaces that match our characters approachability but also are seen as somewhat aspirational.

Both locations act as goals for our characters. Whether it’s to merely fit in at this boutique-leaning contemporary hotel without embarrassing oneself on the main staircase... Or to merely be able open the damn door to a sandwich. These spaces can act as callouts to the type of people that our characters aspire to be through their fitness. Fun but contemporary— approachable but unique.

I know we are now leaning towards Chicago, and it’s not a city I am super familiar with. But as long as we have our performance nailed, we can get creative on locations that are available to us. The sooner we can get a scout out there sending us spots, the better!

Never the less, I have compiled a couple vibe shots from hotels and a sandwhich shop I know just— just so you know where my head is at for right now.