I want to speak on who I think can bring the most to a shoot like this...

First off is DP. I think we need someone who knows how to get nitty gritty in the trenches, someone who is used to shooting larger and more dynamic lighting rigs, and someone who is invested in the story. I think someone like Bryn McCashin would be a good fit. Fresh off of his first feature in northern Canada and well versed in exceptional lighting on a budget, he brings a level of expertise and willingness to get down and dirty on a film like this to make it extra special.

For post-production, I am thinking Michael Barker would be a perfect fit. We worked together on my Ontario Trades spot, and he brings a skill level that continues to baffle me on jobs we work together on. One of the things he is exceptional at is finding the glue to tie sequences together with. I think given our approach, my past experience and short hand with him, and his willingness to go the extra mile, I believe he would be a great pickup for our post production.

Lastly, colour. We worked with Sam Gilling on our ConnectRN spot, but I believe his skills could be effectively utilized on a film like this. Having worked with both me and Bryn before, I would want to involve him in the process as early as possible so we can approach our shooting day, or better yet prep, as early as possible with a look in mind.