He grew up in a 1 bedroom apartment adjacent to a railway line with his younger brother and working class parents, who ran a small bakery. Across the street was a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and a small Chinese restaurant. Every morning the train would rumble past his top bunk window. The conductor would almost always wave.

His film and photography work exhibits an intimate approach to human stories, flawed characters, and tangible worlds through striking visual aesthetics. His narrative interests revolve around stories in universally accessible genres told with a high level of artistic sensibility. He attended the Simon Fraser University SCA Film program for film direction.

He has garnered acknowledgment from the Cannes Lions, Vancouver International Film Festival, The Young Director Awards, The Young Guns, The Clios, The LIA Awards, D&AD, The One Show, The AToMiC Awards, The Gerety Awards, Strategy News, Booooooom, Whistler Film Festival, Applied Arts Magazine, and SAD Magazine. He is continuing to develop his voice as a director through commercial and short narrative work and as a photographer through photographic publications.