I was super happy to hear that you were keen on giving me some leeway with my own visual style. It’s something I love to dive into on each of my projects, I can get a bit nerdy but stay with me on some ideas here.

Firstly, I am totally on board with the more vérité approach to the visuals we discussed on the call. Things like heavy use of natural light and a more hand held approach to camera movement ground this spot in a way that keeps it human. I think that entirely aligns with my vision for these films.

What I would suggest is a more subtle approach to visuals that elevate the quality of the image in ways that might be new for the Tims visual language in order to make it feel unique. This might be something like shooting on large format, which would not only aid in the resolution of 9:16 cut downs but really accentuate the shallow depth of field. Perhaps it’s using vintage optics to give our flares and skin tones a familiar warmth that sets it apart.

When it comes to color, perhaps a more “celluloid styled” approach to the grade could be interesting to explore in our prep stage. There are a couple colorists I have been collaborating with on using algorithmic plugins to emulate 35mm film to a degree that’s almost impossible to differentiate between what’s digital and what’s not. This approach to color leaves us with really pleasing and natural skin tones, an approachable warmth in the highlights, and a subtle texture in the grain that gives the visuals a nuanced but captivatingly nostalgic and approachable visual style.

Don’t believe me? I will give you a sample. In the video below one is 35mm film, and one is digital. Try and spot the difference and I’ll give you the answer on our follow up call ;)