Flashing lights, the gleaming of a cheap disco ball, a small group of people dancing in a living room.

A singer is in the heat of the song, an uplifting power ballad. They are being egged on by the small audience. Strewn around the room is birthday paraphernalia, a half eaten cake, discarded hats. Clearly the party has divulged into a home grown karaoke fest.

The high note is coming, think the crescendo note of “Creep” by Radiohead. The singers friends laugh... are they really gonna go for that note?! The singer looks at them... oh yes they are.

They lean their head back and let loose, everyone is shocked at them nailing it. Some have their faces lit up in awe and surprise, others begin dancing even harder, lifting their White Claws above their heads as they move. One of the partygoers is firing a mini confetti pistol into the air.

The glitter of confetti rains on our party goers. The singer is embraced by their partner. Was the song being sung for them? The feeling of release. Let’s express ourselves.