Firstly, a huge thank you for considering me on this project. I feel incredibly lucky every time I get to share ideas for pieces that I believe could be as meaningful, impactful, and as necessary as this one. Just to preface with something I share with everyone I work with— I consider all treatments to be a starting point of conversation. This pitch should act as a springboard to dive into these ideas together as a team— to make this the best project it can be.

Some of my family members and close family friends who chose to serve in the military have struggled after service. It’s something that has deeply affected the way I think about sacrifice, and what we owe those who are willing to make it in service of others. I am beholden to making this something that will spread this important message and stay with people for years to come… Something that will create good in the world, in honour of them.

With all that said, let’s dive in.