So, through our careful casting we were able to find people with stories that relate directly to Tim Hortons as an integral part of what makes them Canadian. Stories that leave us opportunity to show how taking time for lunch has changed an element of who they are for the better.

So how do we bring that out?

It’s easier said than done, but as someone who focuses primarily on directing meaningful performance, I gotcha covered. The key is showing our characters the path we want them to go down, with an outcome that we as a team have discussed privately prior to shooting, but letting them walk that path through their own unique traits. Letting them embody the special reason we cast them in the first place. We encourage them to be themselves. For example:

If we cast a kid in the family for having a unique sense of humour, we focus on striving for that comedic beat. If we cast a rider for a beautiful story, we let them build on that sentimentality.

All the while, my job will be to keep a firm grasp of bringing these elements back to the product at the forefront of my direction. It’s us who can direct these unique people to realize genuinely how having a wonderful lunch, and taking time out of their day to do so, can lead to more meaningful stories and moments as people.

Here is what that might look like if we were to watch it on screen...