With a short turn around on this treatment I wanted to make sure I took the chance to create some sort of summary. I can speak to it all in our follow up call, but the main pillars of my approach are:

  1. Leaning into a cinematic language through visual aesthetics, refined camera movements, and precise coverage and moments to maximize the selling of our bait and switch joke.
  2. Subvert our visual language at the “switch” to move our audience into a dynamic, sunny, and pleasing visual tone when it comes to showing the gym and the Anytime Fitness app.
  3. Cast memorable, approachable, and instinctual actors with an improv background so we can experiment and generate a plethora of options on the day.
  4. Shoot in stylish, captivating, but approachable locations.
  5. Be open and nimble as to what 6 second script we decide best suits the campaign as a whole.
  6. Bring in the best key creatives in post to see the quality of this job through to final delivery while all being on the same team.
Hopefully this all tracks and makes sense! If anything needs clarifying, I invite questions or challenge to these ideas and approach!