A group of friends gather round a small hole cut in the ice of the Canadian outback. All of them have cans in their hands, they are smiling at each other and having some good laughs. It’s cold, but who gives, it’s Canada, we’re used to it!

Suddenly the line snags, everyone looks down, I thought we weren’t expecting to catch anything!?! You can tell the rented rod isn’t exactly equipped for this moment, and as luck would have it, this thing is BIG.

The person on the rod is putting up a good fight, tossing and turning, reeling as fast as they can. They begin to win. Being egged on by their friends they haul the fish closer to the opening in the ice.

SPLOOSH! The fish ejects out of the water. The friends celebrate. In their thrifted winter gear, their prized trophy in hand, they take a group photo together. A winter moment that they won’t soon forget. Let’s try something new.

Pending what is available in terms of location, we might be able to squeeze in an option here of the friends skating on the open ice. The moment might involve someone who doesn’t quite know what they are doing trying to learn the ropes, but they are at least having fun with friends. Perhaps they take a spill and laugh it off, or perhaps they succeed and the friends celebrate! Lots of ways to play it.