Just to reiterate, I want to make sure we are focusing on casting folks who approach this script with openness, room to play, and a healthy amount of collaborative energy. We are non-union for this, so finding appropriate talent will take a sharp focus from us, and finding actors with some good training.

Casting is often where I find spots are make or break. As someone who was on the opposite side of things as an actor for a little over half my life, I thoroughly enjoy the deep dive of casting as an integral part of this process. For scripts with grounded moments, it’s even more important.

Identifying good tapes and actors with things like theatre training, scene coaching, and good energy in a callbacks— even a comfort with physical comedy or improvisation training is a huge asset. Finding actors who naturally use gestures, movements, and facial expressions to create a dynamic and interesting characters with depth and dimension.

These things should take precedence over look, in my opinion. But in my experience, being open ended with our spec and inviting a diverse group of folks to tape, usually nets out with a diverse set of amazing actors. We can make sure we are keeping this in mind throughout the casting process.

Approachable, funny, unique, interesting, and electric is what comes to mind for these roles— hopefully you align with that! I have used Kris and Kara for casting in Vancouver for non-union stuff, and they are fantastic.