When it comes to casting, I suggest keeping three key goals in mind as we search for a unique, diverse, and captivating group of talent:

    1. Authenticity - Prioritizing authenticity in representing in-situation actions performed by specific tradespeople. If we can find real trades people, lets do it.
    2. Budget Optimization - To maximize our budget by using non-actors and possibly reuse people for macro setups.
    3. Synergy with Locations, Wardrobe, and Equipment - We can explore potential locations, wardrobe options, and equipment that our cast could come with.

    Street casting with a reputable agency like VAKA Casting, who we worked with on Coors Banquet, would be the best approach. We would put out a call to real tradespeople to see who we can get. Through street casting, we may also have opportunities for talent to bring their own equipment or suggest suitable locations they’re already involved with. I would also encourage us to remain open to discovering talent through unconventional avenues beyond traditional casting.

    For instance, a residential construction. Since one of my parents is a project manager for a design-build company in Vancouver, I can approach them to inquire about the availability of a residential worksite for potential shooting. We can then consider casting tradespeople from the same company who are familiar with that specific site to make things easier.

    Perhaps even consider casting my dad himself—he has a good look and a great beard