Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of a grandparents Westfalia, or the stillness and silence that immediately calms the soul when you spend the night outdoors. I think camping would be a great option for one of these moments.

It’s a different kind of Friday Feeling, more chilled and subdued, but a Friday Feeling none the less, one we all know and love. We find ourselves with a couple who just finished setting up shop for the night. The boyfriend is putting finishing touches on a vintage camper van. Fairy lights adorn the ceiling of their cozy hollow, and the trunk is open to view a lovely little lookout.

He wipes his brow, perhaps trying to hide to his date that setting everything up on this rented camper was a little harder than he thought it would be. His partner hands him a White Claw and smiles, he did good enough. Set up is done, time to relax and hit the weekend.

They cheers, but before they have a drink their gaze lingers on each other. You get the sense that they have been looking forward to this for a while. A warmth and positivity seems to glows from the young couple. They look out towards the edge of the view, arms around each other. Let’s chill.