So how does it come together? Let me walk you through it.

The Fire Line acts as the visual anchor. We start and end on shots from this sequence. I know originally we talked about it as a oner, but I think playing it as a “long take” that we can cut in and out of invites the viewer into the experience. It also covers us from the logistical standpoint of being able to focus on the best moments we get from this setup, rather than executing a complicated single take.

That then intercuts with the speech. Our emotional anchor. When we have the ability to cut to this sequence and actually see who is doing the talking, it gives us another avenue to drive the pace. We can guide our emotional beats with these cut aways and lead our viewer into a strong emotional connection with our leader and Hotshots.

And lastly, the stock footage as glue. Textural elements that act as the link between our Fire Line sequence and Speech scene. This will be used as quick textural intercuts to highten tension, provide visual motivators for cuts, and fill out our spot with more than just the two sequences.

Combined, I think it gives us the best opportunity to create a film that is dynamic, unique, and fits the scope of our production.

Throw in a killer cinematic score, the time to creatively produce and problem solve when finding amazing locations, and the right key creatives -- you have the recipe for an amazing film.

Speaking of those key creatives...