While I have outlined what the “crescendos” are for each of the moments, I want to touch on how I want to approach directing each setup.

Allowing the actors to get to our feelings naturally is going to be important for authenticity. Without the motivation of their “let’s” moment, it might feel static in performance, instead of the overflow of feeling that we want.

What is going to get us there is a bit of before and after, and allowing our cast to integrate into our scenes rather than trying to go after those impactful feelings right away.

But while we do this I want to roll on all of it. We can get them used to the camera being there, while getting additional footage and potential “options” on the moments rather than putting all our eggs in one basket.

What that might look like is shooting some “before” moments of the polar bear dip with all of them gathered around the beach bonfire having a laugh before going in. Or maybe, in an “after” scenario of our karaoke party, where we get footage of the hosting couple slow dancing in a tender moment together after their guests have left.

While I want our 15s to only consist of those moments and feelings without a before and after as we discussed, thinking of what builds to our “let’s” moment is a good thing to have in mind when we dream up our ideal scenario of perfect feels.