Similarly to the CCCP PSA, my approach to directing performance on this only works after extensive prep. I want to go into the day with a directing game-plan for every single talent we choose to focus on.

I know we talked about keeping our number of cast between 15 - 30, and I am still good for that. Although something I might suggest is that we have a “smaller but more focused” approach to our interviews… In that we choose between 5 - 10 that we really know are going to give us what we want, and allocate time and prep for them specifically on the shoot day. We will still, however, pepper in shorter and more quippy responses from our larger group! But, it leaves us more time to focus on those who we know will create powerful moments.

Having that 5 - 10 “hero talent” where we have already heard their story or responses through casting allows me to prepare effectively and individually for every subject, their story, and style of acting. It also allows us to pinpoint exactly what we are looking for from every talent and ensure we allocate the time to achieve it— rather than going in with a “spray and pray” approach to 30+ talent, hoping that we get what we want in the limited time we have to cover all 30+.

There are other elements to my directing approach that go into more nitty gritty acting technique, but I will save you the boredom of reading on it! We can chat about it in our follow up if you have any questions. 😊