I want to touch on my approach to performance just so we can get on the same page about that! What constitutes a grounded and real feeling achieved through performance, in my opinion, is directly tied to an actors ability to be loose and have fun. Casting people who feel comfortable enough to play on set, say yes to scene partners, have natural timing not only nets a better final performance, but give you more options in post.

Grounded is often a term I reach for when it comes to describing authentic performance. To me, it’s a delivery that achieves a balance of humanity and engagement. It has to feel real, while presenting something of substance for us to connect to as people. That can be humour, emotion, physical movement etc. It all applies.

I think together, we can keep a keen eye on this during our casting process to find the right people who can find that balance in the script. This will be key. We need to ID who is riffing on what we are giving them. Do they take direction well? Do they bring the energy and chemistry into the scene? Etc.

Casting actors with a willingness to participate and get on board with us sets us up best for success in the long run, and casting in Vancouver gives me an even better idea of the type of training they have had here to achieve that.