In the pillowy white snow of a fresh powder day, a group of friends are set up at a makeshift jump on a hill. One of them sleds down the dug out chute and blasts of the jump. They land with a satisfying thump. The shocked reactions of the group means landing at all is clearly what has evaded them all day. The toboggan jump of legend is finally conquered. This is the moment that will be the centrepiece of the story when they tell it to those who weren’t there.

They leap up from their temporary encampment, lawn chairs spilling over, someone holding up a cardboard “10/10” sign, all of them with a White Claw in hand, some spraying it like champagne in celebration. They run to tackle their friend. In defense they throw a snowball back, hitting one of them.

The group quickly erupt into a snowball fight, ducking and dodging. The one with the makeshift sign using theirs as a shield. A feeling of excitement amongst friends that share a common goal. Let’s celebrate.

I really am fired up about some sort of scenario that takes place in the snow. I think there are lots of different “activities” that this moment could work in besides Sledding. Skiing, skating, tubing? Let’s chat about this.