Goh Academy has a resounding reputation of excellence. Even having never been a dancer myself, when Ryan contacted me about the project, I already knew what to expect. The proof is in the work. Growing up in Vancouver and having attended Goh performances through my life, a couple being “The Nutcracker” I can distinctly recall shows where I have been left breath-taken. As to be expected under the leadership of someone like yourself.

But with success always comes a story. When I see the accolades, the spectacular performances, a career of accomplishment, I want to know more about what came before, and how that affects ones vision of the future. So much has changed in the last year for our collective outlook of the world, but still, it turns. I want to know what you as an academy Director, and in turn the academy turn too when we try to answer that question of “why” one dedicates themselves to the craft of dance. I want to see that mission translated to a promising young dancer, who perhaps they themselves is searching for that answer in the

face of an arduous year. And in turn I want to see that inspiration put into practice for a show like “The Nutcracker.”

To me, that question is the story that I want to see. A question that I would love to attempt to answer, with your help, as a filmmaker.