I was glad to hear that it was the human quality in the performances I am able to elicit and direct that stood out throughout my reel. Whether they are real people or actors, it’s something I make a concerted effort to highlight and focus on, so I appreciate that it was noticed. There are a lot of nuances to how that unfolds, so I’d like to speak to it briefly so that you know where I am coming from.

A key element of how I achieve believable performances in my process is a complete avoidance of “result oriented direction.” It’s an abandonment of pointedly eliciting specific feelings or beats, and a commitment to using a very specific directing vocabulary with complete attention to the performer. It’s a commitment to surrendering to the moment-to-moment magic that makes film so special as a medium. Hearing that you’d like to avoid things like line reads or telling our cast exactly what to say is music to my ears. It confirms that we are all on the same page about this.

In order for the thoughts, stories, and real feelings of our characters to be genuine on camera, the people we cast must remain in the moment. I want us to be considering this in every decision we make moving forward, especially in the casting process. It allows us to create a shooting environment that invites our considered cast of characters to bring the most authentic version of their true self to the screen. *That’s* what allows us to connect with real people, and in turn, their relationship with Tim’s.